Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Game: Crossword Cubes

Ok, from the makers of My Grocery List and Take Out, I come to you with yet another game from Marina Games that is great for both kids and adults. It's called Crossword Cubes. So this game is a cross between Scrabble, and and Boggle.

You have a cup and letter dice. You role the dice and you build as many words as you can off of each other (like in Scrabble), and once you have finished you add up your score and it's the other players turn. First to 300 points wins. Such a simple game that brings loads of fun and stimulates the mind to REALLY think while having fun, fun, fun! Here's a photo of the words I made when it was my turn!

As a teacher I'd love to have several Crossword Cube games set up in my classroom as May Do activity. It's a GREAT way to help build vocabulary and work on the student's spelling as well! Also this would be a great game to play at home for the same reasons!

I'd say Crossword Cubes is another winner from Marina Games.

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