Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: My Grocery List- A Matching Game

I have been lucky enough to review the children's game My Grocery List by Marina Games. This is like memory but more exciting. You get a grocery list card with the name and picture of the items you are shopping for that day. You also get a large shopping basket card. You turn all of the game pieces over that contain the shopping list items. Then you play like normal except, you are not looking for a pair of cards, you are looking to match the card to an item on your list. If you find an item then you get to place it in your basket. This game is great for color recognition, as well as letter and word recognition.

The sweet girls I played this with adored this game, especially since we pretended we were really in the store making comments when it was our turn like, "Oh yay, there is that sack of rice I needed. Now I can make it with the steak I was planning on cooking for dinner tomorrow night". They thought it was a kick. Great for kids ages 3-7 and you can have 2-5 players.

Just in time for the holidays this game would make a great stocking stuffer or a great gift on its own. Here is the contents of the game!

As you may recall I also had the chance to review the game Take Out. This game too was created by Marina Games.

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