Saturday, November 12, 2011


Wether you are a teacher or a parent, we know how it can be hard to get our kiddos motivated when it comes to learning. You can't have paper and pencil activities all the time, especially when it comes to math. Sometimes you need to get out of your seat, sit on the floor and play a game, a game that doesn't feel like learning!

I was lucky enough to get a chance to review a great game dealing with addition and subtraction too! The game is called Take-Out!
It's a dice game that is "Fast to learn, and Fun to Play".

Here's how you play.

~Each player starts out with 50 points. Your goal is to not get up to 150
~You roll the red (they are really orange but the directions say red) dice that show the actual numbers on them.
~Then you roll the two white dice.
~Add up the numbers you rolled on the white dice.
~Look at the red dice and remove two dice that add up to the number on the white dice. (Example: If I rolled a total of 8 on the
white dice I need to find to red dice that add up to 8 like a 5 and a 3 or a 6 and a 2).
*You can only take one one combination of numbers (so only one set of numbers that equal your total).

~Then the player continues to roll the white dice and remove that total of red dice until you can no longer remove any red dice or you have used up all your red dice.

~If you have no red dice left YAY for you. Subtract 10 points from the 50 you start with. If you do have red dice left over. You need to add up the red dice and add it to your total.

Then it's the next players turn. You keep going until someone either reaches zero points and wins or someone reaches 150 points and loses.

It's pretty simple to play. I think this game would be GREAT for second graders (7 and 8 year olds). The box does say 8+ though. In second grade we work on adding and subtracting two digit numbers as well as single digit numbers. So this is a perfect game for that.

The game is for 2+ players, however I think that you could very well play against yourself and have fun too! I wouldn't play with more that 3 players however. Kids are engaged when it's their turn but not so much when it isn't their turn. So if you are playing with someone who takes a while to add or subtract the other players can lose interest until it's their turn.

This game is great for adults too! My husband and I enjoyed playing it. Tonight I tested this out with some second graders and they loved it as well as the fourth graders that played after. I would use this game in my classroom. In fact I think I'll buy a few so more students can enjoy the game at the same time!

Want to get Take-Out for your classroom or your kids? Check out the website. You'll find this game as well as plenty of others. Christmas is coming, these would make amazing gifts too! The gift of knowledge and learning...and having fun along the way... priceless.


Heather said...

Wow that game would be great for my advanced first grade students! I'll check out the website for sure!

Sarah said...

Thinking this would make a great gift for my grandkids, perhaps for their stockings.

Rachel said...

Ok, just looked at the website. They have tons of other games too that would be great for the classroom. I'm going to show it to my principal and see if we can order some for each grade level (or at least my grade level).