Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful Day 5

Edit: So I guess I clicked save instead of publish, HA! Ok so here's day 5.

Today I am thank for my dogs. Being here in Texas with no friends and no one to hang out with has been difficult and lonely at times. It is VERY challenging for someone like me to go from constantly hanging out with some amazing people, to then hanging out with just myself. My dogs have made this process easier, by being a constant form of entertainment!

Meet Sam and Pudge (the yellow lab).


Laurie said...

awww.... so sorry you're missing your friends. I wish I lived closer so we could meet up. Maybe early next year I will plan a road trip and we can meet halfway at the outlets :-)

I am enjoying reading all your thankful posts by the way! I didn't know that you were actively keeping a blog!

Staceybug said...

For sure! That would be great! Yeah, I created it a while ago but am really starting to get into it now.