Saturday, November 15, 2014

Move Over Starbucks

Move over Starbucks because I no longer have a need for your Peppermint Mocha drinks anymore. I have found something else to keep me warm in a delicious peppermint-Mocha flavor.  What have I found, these AMAZING COOKIES By the company Come Get Your Cookies.

I went to the grocery store on the way home from a day of beach fun to pick up some yogurts for snacks at work. I walked by the display of cookies from Come Get Your Cookies and the cute shape and beautiful color of all the cookies caught my eye. I looked over each bag reading the names of the unique cookie flavors I had never tried before.  They have cookies called "Hot Flash" which include the flavors of maple, bacon, and Tabasco,  another one that caught my eye was the Strawberry-Basil cookie. Knowing I HAD to try a bag of these cookies I stumbled upon the "Peppermint-Mocha" cookie. They are cute and pink and I am already in the holiday spirit so I thought that bag would be the perfect one to try.

After one bite, I was hooked. I've had 4 of them in the course of about 8 minutes.... They remind me of the Peppermint Mocha Starbucks beverage that everyone LOVES during the holiday season. These cookies would make a GREAT gift sitting in a cute Christmas mug (like the one I have pictured here that I found at Home Goods this season), or a perfect pick me up during a long work day, or just a yummy little piece of heaven to eat after dinner.

Here is the discription of the Peppermint Mocha cookie from their website: "These Cookies are off the Chart. If you’re on Santas Nice list you deserve these cookies, If you’ve been put on Santa’s Naughty list you deserve these more than ever! These cookies are a blend of Cocoa and just the right amount of Peppermint chips for that Christmas Cheer. Try these and share share share. It’s better to give than to receive. No, Really!
Ho Ho Ho.. These are seasonal so come and get your cookies."

I don't know where they are sold near you, but never fear, click HERE and you will be taken to their website for you to explore all of the wonderful cookie selections they offer.  They are $8 a bag and if the rest of their flavors are as good as their Peppermint Mocha, then trust me, they are worth it.

Here's a little cookie wonderfulness to feed your eyes on:

Here's what the package looks like (I had already opened it...hence my hand holding the bag together). 

The good stuff. The Peppermint Mocha Cookies....

I ate these two right after I took this picture. They are too good to resist. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Santa Barbara Shopping

As a teacher, when you get an extra day off of school you take advantage of it! For some it's sleeping in and staying in your PJ's all day relaxing, for others it's an extra day at the park with their kids, for me.... it's exploring a new place I have never been. 

Today I explored Santa Barbara... specifically State Street, in Santa Barbara, CA. I had an amazing time. YES, there are tons of cute shops and places to eat and I did my fair share of both, but just walking around and looking at the old buildings and twisting trees was the highlight of my day. 

Take a (picture) walk with me and experience State Street, Santa Barbara. 

Some of my favorite shops

Inside Anthro.

That would be a statue of a man cleaning the windows.

Emma Bridgewater goodness

More Emma Bridgewater goodness

The Emma Bridgewater items were from this shop

InLOVING these trees

Goodbye for until next time. Through the tunnel I go.

This sweater from Anthro... all sweaters were 20% off and this was in the sale area... so double score.
Bought an Emma Bridgewater Mug and some Snow Bites. The shop name and info is listed on the bag. 

A new stamp, embossing powder and stamp pad. 

Bet you know where these are from. I got an old favorite, Winter, and a new one to try! 

Could not resist this cute little reindeer for Christmas time

I also got this little ROCK long sleeve shirt for a very special little 2 year old friend of mine. I hope it's the right size. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

I love Disneyland in the Fall

Well my birthday was on Oct. 18th and this year, being our first year back in California, we celebrated in Disneyland, my favorite place of all time. It was amazing. The hubs surprised me with an Annual Pass so I will be going back a lot this year for sure!

Enough with the chatting, because the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy my trip to Disneyland/California Adventure:

A must if you like Musicals- The Genie is out of this world

Inside the theater (California Adventure)

That would be my annual pass, YAY!

Getting a birthday button for free, at Town Hall or from any cast member is totally worth it. Free dessert! 

My birthday cupcake. How thoughtful the cast members are.

New Entry for Club 33

New Entry for Club 33

Yeah.... those are pumpkins

Goofy, and I. He was my date for the Halloween Carnival since the hubs was napping back at the hotel and Goofy noticed it was my birthday. We walked around and looked at the pumpkins.

Cutest Halloween Carnival Ever. 

Haunted Mansion Holiday... this is a must day. It's beautifully done.

Hidden Mickey... can you spot it?

The Hubs and I on my actual birthday in Disneyland

Cheese.... Apparently Mr. Potato Head isn't too thrilled.

Apple Slush... Yes please.

My favorite ride.

Here we go, Off to Neverland.

She is always watching.

Tickets please...