Sunday, October 18, 2015

Birthday Weekend

IOur original plan was to celebrate in Disneyland. However a trip that usually takes a handful of hours ended up taking that same amount a time to not move very far. There were some big mudslides on a very busy highway and it moved A LOT of traffic over to the highway we usually use. After driving for 4 hours to a city it usually take 45 min. To get to we decided to turn around. 

I decided to make some lemonade with the lemons I had been given and we ended up having a nice weekend out festivals, farms, restaurants and nice weather! 
Pumpkins as far as the eye can see. 

Nothing better than a steamed Attichoke grown on premises! 
How cute is this old fashioned ice cream truck!? We were at a Clam Festival on the beach. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Trails

We rescued our Sammy from a shelter 8 years ago and it was with a heavy heart that we laid him to rest late last month. 

Sammy was the BEST dog! He was sweet, silly, great with kids and loved running after other dogs (imagine that one kid who was always saying "wait up"). He had the body of a lab and the legs of a Corgi, so as you can imagine running wasn't his specialty. 

Sammy had bone cancer in his front shoulder. There was nothing we could do but keep him comfortable. We found out last February. He was only suppose to live maybe at most a month, but he made it through almost September. 

You will be missed and never forgotten. Until we meet again sweet friend. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Halloween Decor

Here's a little look at my Halloween decor. I figured October starts this week, but I won't have time to decorate during the school week. While the weather is nice and the football is on, I thought... Today is the day! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pampered Teacher

So earlier this year I discovered a Teacher Subscription Box. It's called The Pampered Teacher.

 It's a fun little box you can get a quarterly subscription or order one box at a time. I contacted Pampered Teacher because I couldn't remember if I was just buying one box at a time or not. Cristin at Pampered Teacher got back to me right away and even offered me a code to use and give out. So I wanted to share it with you my teacher friends and parents lookin for a fun teacher gift. I'm not getting credit or earning anything free for this, just helping to spread the word. 

Here is the website and $2 off coupon code: 

Code: 2Stacey

Here's a photo of one of my two boxes. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

School Prep and relaxing

I spent my entire June (and some of my July so far) after I got out of school prepping and planning for the next school year. I was very productive planning a lot and buying a lot as well.

Here's another peek at what has been happening.
My dogs Pudge and (hiding) Sammy helping me prep some things. 

Started creating a new homework agenda 

I made 4 more trips to Target and got sucked in each time by the dollar section.

Bought this adorable sign from the dollar section at Target (for $3) to hang. 
Creating a layout for my classroom door welcome sign

Also found these cute strands of lights in the the dollar section as well..

Now I've been doing some fun stuff too. You saw I went to Disneyland. I'm going again next week as well. Hanging around town I've been creating greeting cards and hanging out at the beach. 

I made some greeting cards. The one on the right I am using for my niece's birthday card. 
   Walking around the shops at the beach I frequent and I got to see how they mold and wrap the salt water taffy! So cool!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Disneyland for the 60th

Took  quick 1 day trip to Disneyland to check out the 60th Anniversary awesomeness. Here are some photos from my magical day. I'll be going back sometime in July for at least 2 days. Can't wait for more Disney magic.

Main Street USA

Made it!

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

The Castle

The Castle

One of the new Main Street window displays. They have Peter Pan and Cinderella so far. 

Window Display

California Adventure

Mickey and the Newsboys

Back in Disneyland and now Mickey is conducting.

Small World

Got all 3 popcorn buckets. I'm going to use them in my classroom!

$2000 Mickey Ears anyone?

Paint the Night Parade. It's like a Main Street Electrical Parade Remix

Paint the Night Parade.

Paint the Night Parade.

Paint the Night Parade.

Fireworks in front of Small World

Fireworks in front of Small World
The castle all lit up. 

Schoooooooooools Out For Summer

School is out for summer vacation and I haven't stopped going. I packed up my classroom, went to SoCal for a 1st birthday party, Disneyland and have now started planning for next year!

I got an Erin Condren teacher lesson planner and I love it. I've had them in the past, but last year was unable to get one since I was hired 2 days before school started. I jumped into lesson planning and feel right back at home with my EC lesson planner. We just got a new math curriculum so planning will take a wee bit longer than it normally does for me. At least everything will be colorful and pretty to look at while I record everything.

Got my EC Planner, my old planner from last year and my EC life planner out with all of my color pens! Let the planning begin.

Today I went to Target specifically for some house hold items, and like many of you, we all know how silly that is, because we always come out with more than we intended.... and that is exactly how it was today. The dollar section sucked me in yet again. I found some great stuff for my classroom.
My cart just after I went into the Dollar section.

I bought these great storage containers. The ones in the back are holding magnetic letters and numbers.
The ones in the front are holding Frozen erasers that we will use for story problems and counters.

And because not everyone is a fan of Frozen, I've got some generic Legos and other counters. Looks like I need to go back and get a few more containers.

I was so excited to find these foam dice. I LOVE THESE for the classroom and so do my students! I was only able to find for and hope that they'll get more in stock!