Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Years Sale Haul

First off I'd like to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it's 2012 already? WOW, time sure does fly when you are an adult. As a kid I remember it always being so slow...

Ok so for the past two days I've been hitting all of the the after Christmas/New Years sales and let me tell you my friends, the pickings are good. Here are a few things I picked up today!


Online at JC Pennys - if you have little ones, you NEED to buy this outdoor table/chair/umbrella set. My cousin shared this on her FB. It's on MAD sale for $15. After shipping it's only $22.some odd cents. However if you use the 15% off code listed, Y11NOVAP it will be cheaper. I didn't notice the code before I bought, LAME!

Forever 21:

Now, I'm going to be honest and say that I think a lot of the clothing at this store is really cheap and not worth buying. However, if you look you can find some nice items and the prices are right.

Sheer Yellow Sweater $13

These two tops, one is blue, and one is a whitish color were $13

I am a teacher so for $6.00 this cute little apple necklace was a must!

Disney Store:

So I miss the days at the Disney Store when they carried adult clothes (I don't miss the clothes then, but the a lot of what they put out now is CUTE). I walked in there on a whim, before I left the mall. I found this CUTE sweatshirt and it was only $20.... SCORE! I'm thinking it will be SO CUTE on Valentines day!

Victoria's Secret:

There Semi Annual Sale started today. So I walked in there and bought 5 pairs of undies (you don't need to see those right?) and this CUTE pair of Pink sweat pants. They are red though the camera doesn't really show it. I got these bad boys for $10.

I also got this Shimmer Body Powder in Amber Romance. (They had other scents too, I just happen to LOVE this one).

Bath and Body Works:

Ok so I went here a few days ago, but thought I'd save it for my haul post. I really didn't need anything from here, since I'm pretty stocked up on hand soap, but I did find a few goodies. I got a body wash for my hubbie that smells really good (75% off). I got some refills for our car air freshener (50% off) one more foaming hand soap and this hand lotion that smells really good and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. I couldn't stop touching my hands after I put it on. It has the scent of vanilla bean noel but not super vanilla-y smelling.

Alright my friends, there are some amazing deals out there.... GO GET EM!


Nancy said...

Thanks for taking the time to check out the deals for us. I love your blog.

Nancy said...

Thank you for taking the time to check out the deals for us. I love your blog.

Staceybug said...

Thanks Nancy, and you are welcome!