Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Cards Book Stage 3

Stage 3: Decorate

**Please bare in mind that I do not have access to any of my scrapbooking supplies since they are sadly all in storage.

I took some left over sheets of scrapbooking paper I had that look a little Christmasy (from a present I had made for the holidays) and cut them down to the size of the clear sleeves. After that I centered the cards onto the paper and stuck them in. I decided I didn't want to add any embellishments due to the fact that many of the cards already have enough, and I wanted the cards to be the main focus.

(Please excuse the poor lighting in the photo. I don't know why I always decide to work on this in the evenings when there is no natural light shining through and the lights on my fan give everything a yellow glow. )
You can see one of my dogs Sammy in the corner!

If you read my earlier post about the binder clips... I used one of them here! They are the best things ever. I used it to label the side of my binder. I also took some scrap pieces of paper and slid them down the spine. It was NOT the easiest thing to do let me tell you. The big piece was very difficult to get in.

Now by this time I had hardly any paper left so, not wanting to leave the front cover blank, I threw together a little something to temporarily put in the front pocket. I'm going to HUNT for a small piece of cream paper to stick in the center to give the cover a title. Until then it remains blank.

At this point I'd say Christmas Card Book complete, except for the fact that I need to redo the front cover.
Went I can get into storage, I will take the rest of the Christmas Photo Cards I have from years past (that are in order from 2007-2010) and do the same thing with them as I did to these. When that happens I will also use the sticky divider tabs (that I talked about in an earlier post today) to divide the cards up by years.

Hope you enjoyed taking this little crafty adventure with me.

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