Tuesday, January 24, 2012

World's Easiest Banana Bread

Ok, so Pinterest, you all know how much I love my Pinterest. I found a great recipe for the World's Easiest Banana Bread! I was iffy about it but it turned out great and tastes really good too!

Here's the info:


1 box of yellow cake mix
2 Eggs
3/4 ripe to over ripe bananas
Pam for Baking (to spray in the loaf pan)
Flour (to sprinkle in the pan after the Pam)
*and any toppings you'd like to add- I added walnuts
Loaf pan- 2 small ones or 1 large *I used 1 large pan because it's what I had in the kitchen*


*Set oven to 350
*Mash bananas in a large bowl. I used my stand mixer for this (WAY EASIER)
*Add in all of the other ingredients (including your toppings)
*Spray the loaf pan(s) with with Pam
*Sprinkle flour in the loaf pan(s) - I just dumped some flour in the center of the pan and tilted the pan around until it was lightly covered.

*Pop it in the oven.
*If you are using two smaller loaf pans: 35-40 minutes.
*If you are using 1 large loaf pan (I did): 50 minutes

The loaf: (minus a slice.... quality control)

Here's the piece I sampled:

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