Thursday, January 19, 2012


One of my VERY BEST FRIENDS, just announced on facebook that she's pregnant. I am so excited to be welcoming a new little life into the world this July. The sweetest thing I think, is that my friend and her little sweet pea, will share a birth month. YAY!

So as soon as I found out I went a shopping. So far I've gotten her a a subscription to Baby Talk Magazine, that I just told her about. I also got her a few outfits and accessories that I haven't sent her yet I'm going to send her a few things every month until she has her baby and then I'm creating a HUGE basket of goodies that I'm going to ship to her since she lives in another state and I know I would be able to throw or attend a baby shower for her.

I so wish I could throw her a baby shower. I was her Matron of Honor and threw her one of her 2 bridal showers. It was expensive to do on my own, but so worth it since the people in attendance could not make it to her second one (which was out of town). I have so many cute ideas for baby showers..... maybe next time we get a chance to hang out, I'll have a little mini just her and I baby shower. LOL


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