Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

So last night I went to babysit for a neighbor and their friend. I had 4 kids ages 3,5,6, and 10), 3 girls and 1 boy. Now, as any good babysitter knows, you bring fun things for the little Monkey's to do. In my case it's usually some sort of craft or cooking/baking project. Usually we make craft projects that the families love and keep and not so much the paper and glue stuff.

However today we did use some paper (scrapbooking paper) and glue Mod Podge). We also used large Chip Board Letters (You can also use wooden ones that are easy to find). Everything needed for this project can be found at any craft store. I just happened to go to Hobby Lobby.

What you will need:
~Scrapbooking paper
~Sand Paper
~Foam Brushes

~Large Chipboard (or Wooden) letters

~Mod Podge
~Tin Foil or Wax Paper

*Ok first things first, line your workspace with the foil or wax paper (to prevent Mod Podge from slipping where you don't want it)

*Put your Chipboard letter down on the Foil.
*Start ripping your scrapbook paper and play around with the layout to see how you want it to look on your letter.
~~(Do not cut/rip it to fit. You want the pieces to hang off the letter and over lap... you'll see why in a bit).
*After you have a pattern lift all our pieces off and smother one section of your letter with the Mod Podge. Don't be afraid to put a lot on and place your first piece of scrapbooking paper down and press firmly.
*Repeat this process over and over until your entire letter is covered.
*Next brake out the stickers and add some if you wish.
*Take more Mod Podge and place a nice even layer over the paper and stickers. (Cover even the parts of the paper that are hanging over the edges) Don't worry it dries clear.
~~At this point your your letter wont look like it's suppose to since your paper pieces are majorly hanging over the edge (just like it's suppose to).
*Wait until the Mod Podge dries. If you get the glossy Mod Podge (It's cheaper than the matte) it will be shiny.
*When it's dry you are going to take you piece of sand paper and sand the edges of your letter. The sand paper acts almost like scissors and will rub off the scrapbook paper.

*That's it. Well that's all we did. You can get some ink pads and then go back and ink the edges or do whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. Just have fun and create.

Here is our finished products from last night (minus mine).


Mal said...

Those look great, what a fun project!

Staceybug said...

Thanks Mal. The kids did such a good job! The only thing I had to help the 3 year old with was the sanding.