Friday, January 6, 2012

Keeping Things Organized

Ok, so there is this GREAT website and they have all kinds of great stuff to help you get organized. I wanted to share with you two products that I just received today (yes I ordered them).

The first one is called Clip-on Label Holders.

These little clips come in packages of 4 (black or white) for $10. I LOVE these. They work great on scrapbooking albums and binders that you may have stacked on a shelf. All you do is use the little white labels (or create a colored one of your own-which is what I'm going to do) and slide it on the spin of your binder. I created a label from a piece of paper I cut just to give you an example of what it might look like.

Don't mind the photo quality. I should have taken these photos with better lighting.
These photos show you what it looks like on the spine, from the side and how it clips into your binder.

I bought these SUPER CUTE and SUPER HANDY Sticky Tab Dividers.

They are so cute an colorful. These little guys come in handy for organizing binders for school, recipes, bills, a presentation... you name it. They just peel off and stick on. I'm in the midst to test them out to see how long they'll stay on without coming off. So far so good. They've been on a little notebook of mine that has been jumbled in my purse, sat on by one of my dogs, shoved in a drawer... don't you worry I'm not going easy on those little tabs.

Here's a photo of how they come when you order them.



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