Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our first Bark Box

We got our first Bark Box  in the mail yesterday and we were super excited to let the dogs open it. If you want to know how Bark Box works you can go back to my blog post here and read all about it. 

On to the goodness. For the money we think this box was worth it. Each box comes with a card that tells you not only about the products but how much they cost. The value is at least double what we paid for the box subscription. Also on top of that, we went out to places like Petsmart, TJ MAXX and local pet stores to find items or items similar to price compare and I was shocked at just how much you'd pay more for these types of items in store. I'd much rather get a Bark Box and have a fun little surprise for my pups each month.

So like I said each box comes with an information card like this:
Front and back of the card

After we pulled out the cards we just kind of let the dogs explore and sniff around. 
They started to think this box might be for them when I made them sit with it. These two know how to pose when I pull out my phone or camera.


Pudge was first to check it out. He must have smelt something good.

Sammy made his way over to sniff. 

And they are in.

Sammy pretty much shoved Pudge out of the way.

But Pudge wasn't having any of that. 
Here's our haul.

Both dogs REALLY love the 2 bags of treats and we'll have to see who ends up getting that bone. Pudge is enjoying the toy, yes that would be a Baboon butt. It has a squeaker and it crackles. Now if you know Pudge, you know that he love to rip plush toys to shreds.  This is day 2 of him playing with this thing constantly and there isn't a hole insight. 

Over all my hubby and I are really enjoying this box for our dogs and think it's well worth the money. If you'd like to check this box click the link here and give it a shot. You can cancel at anytime. 

Now everytime we get a package delivered to the door Sam and Pudge this it's for them! 

Bark Box love! 

Sammy snuggled with the box for a while after all the fun and treats were put away.

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