Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Menu Planning

So I sit down every Saturday and plan out dinner for the week and make my shopping list. I use a great sheet I found on Pinterest listing the menu for the week and then what I need for it.

Here's the issue, once I've used my shopping list, it gets lost in the bottom of my purse or shoved in one of the grocery bags never to be seen again. Now normally this doesn't sound like an issue, except when you have as many brain hiccups as I've been having lately.

Here's the problem: I forget what I had planned to make for dinner, I mean I can deduce it was some kind of chicken dish or steak, but what exactly the dish is and what I'm serving with it it completely lost from my memory.

I was at Target today picking up a few things we needed and I decided to just stroll down all of the leftovers from the back to school section and I found this:

It's a magnetic dry errase board that is laid out with the days of the week. It came with a pen and everything. PERFECT! So then I went to check the price because it was not where it should have been, and what did I find it's on sale for $5, MAJOR SCORE! I also got a cute 3 pack of mini dry errase pins for $1.50 to go with it.. because sometimes black is boring.

The only bummer is that it does not have magnets on the back to stick it on the fridge, so what did I do? I used these magnets I got at the Container Store with the little hooks on it. I hooked them to the back. Perfect... well almost. The magnets weren't as strong so I need to go out and get some heavy duty magnets that I can adhere to the back. Until then, I have a strong magnet propped underneath the board so it will stay.

I wrote out The main dish of what we we're having this week since I just put it up to give you an idea. I think I may use some of my decorative wasabi tape I got from Mindy Mae's Market to create different sections under each day of the week, so I can either write out lunches, dinners and plans we have each day... we'll see how it goes.

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