Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo Board

Ok so here it is, I made a photo board. I found the idea on Pinterest and thought... I could do that. So I made 2 boards. One for my family room and one for our bedroom.

Sorry for the crumby photo quality, I was snapping away on my camera phone.

The Beach Themed Board for our bedroom

The Miss California Board

~Here's the "how-to"~

You will need:

Foam Core Board (whatever color you want)
double sided tape, or photo slips
Mod Podge (I chose Mat so there was no glare on the board)
Foam brushes
Command Strips to hang with

Blury but, grab your form Core Board and some photos you like, and trim your photos to 4X4.

Layout your photos across the board where you want, and then go back and measure them to make sure they are all even.

Use your finger to hold each photo down and with your other hand lift up the sides and stick your photo splits or double sided tape under the picture. **Make sure you put tape on either both sides or top and bottom so that when you do the next step your photos won't move). Be so proud of this blury pick. I stacked 2 books and my glass owl pot, put my phone on top of it, and snapped this picture with my nose. LOL

Paint the entire board. Don't be afraid to glob it on (the stuff dries clear) because you want the Mod Modge to not only cover the board and the photo, but get under the corners of the photo too.

Next paint the sides and edges. This will help just incase something bumps into your board the paper top of the board will won't chip/rip as easy.

*Let your board dry completely.

If your photos bubble a bit, just go back over it with some Mod Podge and press a bit firmer as you paint over your touch ups. To avoid this MAKE SURE YOU SECURE YOUR PHOTOS BEFORE MOD PODGING. I had a 3 photos that weren't as secure as they needed to be on my first board (my second I had no issues).

Add your command strips to the back (Follow the directions on the package) and hang.

Here is our beach themed one hung. I need to add something else to the wall here to go with it. Any ideas, please let me know.

The black one isn't hung yet. I would like your advice... which wall should I hang it on?

Wall with the TV
Wall next to the TV
Wall next to the couch wall

Thanks for your advice and thanks for checking this fun and easy Photo Board Project out!


Deme Crinion said...

These turned out so cute! I love how you worked in the beach theme too! My vote is for the wall next to the couch :)

JHNickodemus said...

You've probably allready hung them (I've only just found your blog), but my vote is wall next to couch.)

Stacey Rapp said...

Hi JHNICKODEMUS! Thanks for finding me! Well let me tell you I am awful and having hung it yet. I was planning on hanging it exactly where you said, then I went to this amazing place here called Painting With a Twist. They teach you how to create an amazing painting step, by step. Well my painting is there now. My photo board is leaning up against the wall ontop of our chair that you see in the second photo. HA!