Sunday, August 12, 2012

$6 Score

My friend asked me to create a shadow box frame with some special items she is saving from the recent (7.24.12) of her son. I was at Khols yesterday and found a shadow box frame that was $30 but to my surprise it was 50% off.

HOORAY. So happy, I texted her a photo of the frame and the price and she was down for the $15. I was so excited. Well I get home leave it in the Khols bag, on the reading chair.

Fast forward to today, after lunch. The husband and I get home and what do I see... my Khols bag ripped on the floor. I turn the corner to where the love seat is and I see the packaging that was around the frame torn and on the floor. I walk further and see the frame. The door of it was wide open and the corners of the doors have been chewed (didn't get a picture of it).I was so disapointed in Pudge (the yellow lab, 2yrs.). He was put into a timeout! Yes, I said time out and we have a time out spot and both Sam and Pudge know to go there.

I knew I had to go back and hope that there was another one there.., so I get in the car and drive back to Khols. I speed walk it to the back of the store and LUCKILY they had 1 left. I snatched it turned the corner to go pay and these cute holders caught my eye. I spotted a sale sticker on them and what do ya know, they were on sale too for $6... SCORE! I picked those up and a set of 8 washcloths for the bathroom for $3. HOORAY

Pretty for Christmas I think.

You may be asking what am I going to do with the other frame, well I figured to take it as a positive and I think I'll destress it to make it look somewhat like it was suppose to be that way (except one corner is REALLY chewed). We'll see. Another post for another post for another day.

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