Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Slowly my Allergies have been getting more under control. You will never know how bad your allergies can be until you have to teach a room full of 22 students or more and have RAGING ALLERGIES. OH BOY. Most of my students have been simpathetic toward me. However some have chosen to make poor choice and they have suffered for it. I had 3 people who didn't get to start making their Valentine's Day boxes today. They had to sit there and watch. Bummer.

Two of my co-workers are preggers and both are having boys. SO EXCITING. I am part of the "Sunshine" Team this year. We take care of all the extra events that come up during the year, Weddings/Showers, etc. We buy cards or/and gifts. Well I just went shopping and bought 2 baby shower gifts for the two ladies. I must say... the gifts are pretty darn great. Now I've got to go out and buy something for them from just me. Our staff is having a shower for them the day before V-day. So I've got time to look. For the shower I am also in charge of baking cupcakes. So I decided to do, Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting, White cupcakes with buttercream, and then funfetti cupcakes with buttercream. I am thinking of making the white cupcakes blue and some green and leaving the frosting white. I bought blue and green sprinkles and the cupcake liners are are white, blue, and green plaid. TOO CUTE!

So I'm quite excited to get back into the kitchen and bake bake bake.

Today I'm thankful for babies and baby showers.

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