Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brendon's Blue Blanket

Well, after my hubbs saw my super cute, super fuzzy blanket that I had gotten over Christmas Break when I was shopping with my mom, he decided he needed one too! Like the good wife I am, I decided to offer to make him one. Last month he and I went together and I let him pick out some fuzzy fabric he wanted me to use. He chose the dark blue, and I chose the light... good color combo.... So we got the fabric cut and there it sat. I was either too busy or tired to start on it.

So tonight, I laid the fabric on the bed and with out cutting the bed spread or sheet underneath I cut and tied this bad boy up for him! Mr. Hubbie was very pleased.

The coloring on this first picture is a bit off. The coloring on the 2nd picture is more true to color.

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Laurie said...

awww.... we have some blankets Dave's dad's wife made for us several years ago. I sleep with mine every night and we snuggle up to the other one on our couch. Bren looks super comfy with his too :-)