Monday, February 8, 2010


Why? Because I want this set for my baby's nursery. IT IS SO DAMN CUTE. Before I reveal what the stuff looks like let me explain.

My nursery's theme has been picked out for years. I want to do Giraffes. Well I have a special connection with the Giraffe mascot. They Children's Hospital I volunteered at had a Giraffe mascot (which I was from time to time). Because of everything I experienced there, I've grown to appreciate everything life has to give and has made me more of a positive thinker than I already was. Well what I learned about Giraffes while at the hospital is that they are the animal with the biggest heart.

So what better theme for my baby's nursery (when I have a baby).

So with out further adieu.... Here is a photo of the stuff I want.... Feel free to buy and ship any of it to me! LOL

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