Monday, January 18, 2010

Windy Monday

The weather has been wonderful! I LOVE Rainy, windy, overcast days. I'm hoping the rain keeps up all week. I love it, the kids (in my classroom)love not going to recess and I won't have to go out to yard duty this week! HA!

I spent my rainy Monday out and about. I hit up Old Navy. Today was the last day of their 50% off the clearance price event. I found some amazing deals for myself and the hubs. I bought the Mr. a SUPER NICE black blazer for $10, some t-shirts for $1.50 and 2 pairs of swim trunks for $2.00. I got myself a pair of denim capris, a pair of comfy steal grey pants, a button down shirt and some t-shirts as well. I came out of that store with 3 large bags FILLED with clothes. I also got these SUPER CUTE heart key chains for 50 cents that I'm going to attach to V-day cards for my grade level (yes there are 2 men in my grade level but they can give the key chain to their wives).

Next I went to Cost Plus World Market. If you go today, you get a free reuseable tote. It's REALLY CUTE, black and turquoise. So I bought some heart shaped pasta for a V-day swap I'm doing and a bottle of water and BAMN I get a free tote.

After that I went to whole foods and Petco. Petco had a good sale on doggie treats.

I got home and popped in EA Active for the Wii. I just got it so, today was my first day. It was amazing. It kept me on my toes and there are no ways to cheat (when you get tired) like in Wii Fit. EA Active is so much more challenging and a lot of fun. It also works with the Balance Board if you so happen to have it like I do.

I can honestly say, my 3 day weekend has been great and I will be fully refreshed tomorrow when I go back to work!

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