Thursday, January 28, 2010


Why must I deal with people/companies that are so irresponsible? I had to apply for a buisness permit when I was in that craft show WAY back in October. Well after that, I was suppose to receive paperwork to fill out for my taxes (through the City). I never did. So FINALLY in January I receive the form. I fill it out attached with a check for $10. Well I get a call today saying I haven't filed my return. WHAT? So I explained my situation and she said sorry for someone dropping the ball on her end. However they didn't receive my form or Check.

She asks me to fax or mail her the form (which I don't have because I already did). I asked her to mail me a new form and I'd fill it out and she said they do it all online. So I said fine give me the address, and she then realizes that she can send me a hard copy.

I told her I'd fill out the form again and go to my bank and get a photo copy of the check to prove to her I paid.

So I hang up the phone with her and wonder if my form and check really did get lost in the mail. So I go to my online banking site and look up the check #. WELL WELL WELL, not only did the form and check not get lost, but the check was cashed/deposited because I can see a copy of my check and I can see that the $10 had in fact been taking out of our account.

SWEET SATISFACTION! I can't wait to get the form in the mail so I can send the print out of the check that was cashed/deposited to her.

That lady was so rude on the phone. UGH!

Today I am thankful for the responsible people in my life.

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