Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Bridal Shower Activity.

Ok so I haven't shared any of the games with you that will be played at the shower on Saturday (at least not that I can remember). Here is an activity that just popped into my head today and I had the supplies so....

I created a journal. Everyone at the shower will have a page to write to the Bride-to-be. They can write words of wisdom and advice, sweet memories, blessings etc. That way the bride can always come back to this journal in times of need or every now and again, read the advice and words on encouragement her friends once gave her. Since there are several pages the bride can also come back to this journal and record her own thoughts, tips and advice about marriage that she may want to remember as she experiences them.

Here's the journal:

Front Cover:

Each inside page:

The back cover:

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