Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Momento for the Birthday Boy (or Girl)

Ok, so my Mother-in-law is throwing a 60th birthday party for her brother-in-law (my hubbie's uncle) on Saturday. There will be about 14 people or so there and a couple of kids. We've gone out and bought decorations, she's ordered the cake and the menu has been decided upon. I don't know my hubbie's Uncle and Aunt all that well but I wanted to do a little something for the party so I made a Birthday Wish Jar.

*Birthday Wish Jar*

Guests write special birthday notes to the birthday boy/girl, and at the end of the party they have a great keepsake to take home and keep to remember their special day.

*Find any old jar with a lid, decorate it to match the theme/colors of the party.
*Cut up some paper for guests to write on
*Come up with a cute way to explain to the guest what they need to do

Here's the one I'm working on for Saturday. I still need to add a few more things but here's the one I made.

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