Friday, October 24, 2014

I love Disneyland in the Fall

Well my birthday was on Oct. 18th and this year, being our first year back in California, we celebrated in Disneyland, my favorite place of all time. It was amazing. The hubs surprised me with an Annual Pass so I will be going back a lot this year for sure!

Enough with the chatting, because the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy my trip to Disneyland/California Adventure:

A must if you like Musicals- The Genie is out of this world

Inside the theater (California Adventure)

That would be my annual pass, YAY!

Getting a birthday button for free, at Town Hall or from any cast member is totally worth it. Free dessert! 

My birthday cupcake. How thoughtful the cast members are.

New Entry for Club 33

New Entry for Club 33

Yeah.... those are pumpkins

Goofy, and I. He was my date for the Halloween Carnival since the hubs was napping back at the hotel and Goofy noticed it was my birthday. We walked around and looked at the pumpkins.

Cutest Halloween Carnival Ever. 

Haunted Mansion Holiday... this is a must day. It's beautifully done.

Hidden Mickey... can you spot it?

The Hubs and I on my actual birthday in Disneyland

Cheese.... Apparently Mr. Potato Head isn't too thrilled.

Apple Slush... Yes please.

My favorite ride.

Here we go, Off to Neverland.

She is always watching.

Tickets please...

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