Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Organizing Desk Drawer Edition

Sometimes when you are in a rush, or just being lazy, you just toss things in the drawer they belong into instead of putting away in the drawer. We've all been there, it's ok to admit it... I do it all the time. But no more. A few weekends ago I went to the Container Store and bought some these little beauties when they were on sale (and guess what they are still on sale here.

These great little containers are called Linus™ Shallow Drawer Organizers and they are a staple at The Container Store so even if you miss the sale you can always go and buy them full price.... or wait for them to go on sale again.

Here is my desk drawer before:

It's not terribly messing, but not wonderfully organized either.

So I cleared everything out of the drawer.

I played around with how I wanted my containers to fit in that drawer and started to place everything back in. Sorry no picture here, I didn't think ahead.

And TA-DA.... here is the after! What do you think. Every single thing I pulled out of that drawer I put back in.

It took minutes to clean this drawer out... really. It was so easy and really fun!

I may need to stock up on more of these containers for other drawers in the house. I think I hear the the bathroom drawers asking me to rescue them next.

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