Saturday, March 16, 2013

Watermelon Cutting 101

So I have discovered an amazing way to cut up a watermelon. I am telling you it is awesome and less work that the traditional way of chopping it up. Thanks to a friend of mine who I was chatting with online yesterday. I tried it, and boy oh boy was she right, so awesome.

Here are the steps with pictures, you're welcome.
*I am using a watermelon knife I got at my grocery store for like $6 and it came with a blade protector.

First cut the top and bottom of the watermelon off. This makes it easier to cut up.

Next start your sharp knife at the top of the watermelon rhine and just follow the line cutting all the way down the side. Don't worry if you don't get it all. You can go back after you have finished and clean it up.

Once you've gone all the way around the melon go back and clean it up, cutting off the parts you missed.

See didn't waste any of the melon really.

Now cut it how you like. Here's how I cut mine.

Cut the melon in half and slice into wedges.

Turn the melon and slice the other direction.

And there ya go. Sliced watermelon, simple and sweet! Please let me know if you tried this and how it worked out for you!


Amy Jo said...

I loved this-I stink at cutting watermelons and waste half the fruit lol I can't believe how simple it was! How did I not know this?? I tried it and it's as easy as it looks! thanks! I am linking:)

Stacey Rapp said...

Amy Jo, isn't it the best? Like you I felt like I wasted so much of the melon the way I use to cut it. Take goodness for friends with good ideas.