Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! Luckily I am on Spring Break so I was able to surprise him a bit.

I created a wall of balloons on our bedroom door for The Hubs to find.

I decorated the counter of our Kitchen and put balloons in the office. I also taped one red balloon to the inside lid of the toilet. HA! I didn't get a photo of it thought.


Discovering all the birthday surprises. (I put balloons on top of the toilet too). The last photo.... he discovered the balloon taped to the toilet and threw it at me. HA!

Going out for birthday lunch!

Present time! Sammy and Pudge were very interested in the hubby's presents. Possibly hoping for a treat for them? Yeah, I think so! I bought the Hubby a shirt he wanted and a pair of sunglasses. They are his favorite pair and he had the same exact ones before but lost them on a business trip. He was so bummed especially since they don't make this style anymore. Well, I found some and bought them, he was VERY happy!

Cake and cookie time, both made from scratch. How much do you love these candles? The flames match the color of the candles.

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