Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting ready for Spring

Sadly we haven't had much of a winter here. I didn't even get to wear sweaters or sweatshirts, what does that tell you? I was totally bummed, because Winter is my most favorite season. BOO TEXAS AND YOUR WARMISH WINTER! At any rate, I am moving on to Spring hoping that it is a nice cool Spring.

I loved to change out my home decor, wardrobe, scents for each season. So today I wanted I wanted to share with you a little mini Bath and Body Works Spring haul.

Before I start I want to let you know if you have a Bath and Body Works Outlet, get there! They have all of the regular products a normal store would have on top of loads more! They have some amazing EVERYDAY sales that I totally took advantage of the other day.

Ok so onto the haul!

Quick over view of everything I bought.

Let's take a closer look. I LOVE the foaming handsoaps that B&BW has, especially when I can get them for a couple of bucks a piece. These scents are all light and perfect for Spring.

Nectarine Mint and Wild Honeysuckle

Tropical Papaya and Vanilla Berry Sorbet- I was a little unsure of these two thinking they would be SUPER sweet, but they aren't.

Candles... They had their 2 for $20 sale on all of their current 3 wick candles. HOWEVER, they also had 3 wick candles that were on a $7.99 sale.... WHAT? Yes, that's what I said, $7.99. So I picked up 3 that are perfect for Spring going into Summer!

White Sand, Verbena Waters and Raspberry Sun Tea. All 3 are very light scents.

Then I picked up a few mini candles for 99 cents each. I got 2 of each scent since I have a set of matching holders for these little guys.

Coco Lobo, Hot Buttered Rum and White Barn. These were some of the winter and last Summer scents. I also got a bulldog Scentportable for my car. Why a bulldog, well I went to California State University, Fresno, home of Time Out the bulldog. Gotta represent!

The last thing I got is this glass bottle of lotion. It was originally $25 and I got it for $6. It smells like a day spa. The lotion is very light and easy to rub into the skin without it being oily or sticky.

Well there ya go. My house and skin are all ready for Spring.

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