Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a week(end)

Friend in Car accident Friday, here in down. Saturday evening: Had to pick up her parents from airport and keep tabs on her until they got here.
Blood Work Saturday... got in much later than expected.
Funeral in Fresno. Missed it (GGRRRRRR, it's been weighing on my heart). I didn't get there in time because of the blood work. (Would have blown blood work off, but dr. insisted that I get it done now.) So I had to turn around and go to Lemoore for
Little C's ear surgery (he's 4). Needed to be there when he woke up.
Finally ended up home.


Sunday: Slept until 10. That is the latest I've slept-in in years. Between the stress of this weekend and the stress and sleepless nights of a new puppy (it is getting better), it finally took it's tole. I pulled my peck mustles yesterday somehow and it makes it very hard to move.

Got to go see a co-worker's baby so that was a nice treat.
Now, I am just going to sit and just be....

Other News: I didn't post but last week we got a puppy. He is a Yellow Lab named Pudge. He will be 8 weeks old this Tuesday. He's been a handful much like a new baby. Though only 7 weeks old he knows the word no very well. HA! He continues to grow and change each day. I'll attach a picture (2 days after we got him).

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