Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Disneyland for Christmas

Since I have a season pass to Disneyland, it makes it a lot easier for us to go more often. I have already been enough times to pay not only for my pass, but extras days that are essentially free now.
Below are a few photos from our trip. We made dining reservations which is a MUST when you go during the busiest time of the year. We ate dinner one night at the Big Thunder Ranch, which is an all you can eat BBQ outdoor spot. For dinner you are served a bucket filled with BBQ, chicken, sausage, and ribs. You also get cornbread, coleslaw, BBQ beans, and corn wheels. It's all you can eat so if you want more you just ask your ranch hand what you want more of and they will bring it on out for you. The food is good and if this is your main meal for the day, it's well worth it.

The next day we went to the Plaza Inn (at the end of Main Street) for the breakfast buffet. Again it's all you can eat until breakfast ends, but the BEST part about this is.... it's a Character breakfast and the characters come out to greet you while you eat. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get your kids to eat in the morning. "Minnie can't some see you until you take 3 more bites." HA! I love it. The food is great and they have everything from an omlette making station, to biscuits and gravy. They offer Mickey waffles, fruit, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, etc. It's worth it. They give you a Breakfast with Minnie button on the way in, and they take a photo of your entire party (for you to buy if you wish). Good deal and a great way to start the day!

Ok, now onto the pictures:

California Adventure.... 

Jingle Cruz

Jingle Cruz

These two had a little chat about smiling for the camera before this shot

Eeyore and I

Small World Holiday

Cars Land

Just taking a stroll with Goofy.

A thing of beauty

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