Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crafty Christmas Gifts

Ok so for Christmas for all of my cousins Big and small I made them each an apron.

The adult aprons are made out of a dish towel and some ribbon. The kids half aprons are made out of a fabric placemat. I also made the littles some snowmen beanies.

Here are the photos I promised.

Adult Arpons wrapped up

If only I had a better model... here's what they look like on.

Here are the kids half aprons and the snowmen hats

How I wrapped the kiddo's gifts


Deme @ Fresh Coat Of Paint said...

These are all SO cute! The kids LOVED their aprons and hats!!! They were wrapped to cute too :) I put a pic of Sully in his hat on instagram a few days ago :)

Stacey Rapp said...

Deme, I just saw the photo. I don't know how I could have missed that cute as can be, face! He looks SO GREAT in his hat. That photo just made my entire day.