Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Card Book and 2012 Card Display

I love receiving Christmas cards and I think it's a shame to toss them out after, so ever since we've been married I've been saving my Christmas cards and last year I finally found a way to save them all. This mini binder...

I haven't had a chance to create a cute cover for my little binder so until I find one... this will have to do.

For the card we are getting this year, I decided to display them in my kitchen which overlooks our family room to give it some holiday magic. Here's what I did to display them.

I bought red and green ribbon and taped it to the back of the cabinet doors. I used red clothespins to fasten the cards to the ribbon. As more and more cards come in, I used more ribbon and created the same effect over our hallway door near the tree, so we'll have room for them all.

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