Thursday, July 9, 2015

School Prep and relaxing

I spent my entire June (and some of my July so far) after I got out of school prepping and planning for the next school year. I was very productive planning a lot and buying a lot as well.

Here's another peek at what has been happening.
My dogs Pudge and (hiding) Sammy helping me prep some things. 

Started creating a new homework agenda 

I made 4 more trips to Target and got sucked in each time by the dollar section.

Bought this adorable sign from the dollar section at Target (for $3) to hang. 
Creating a layout for my classroom door welcome sign

Also found these cute strands of lights in the the dollar section as well..

Now I've been doing some fun stuff too. You saw I went to Disneyland. I'm going again next week as well. Hanging around town I've been creating greeting cards and hanging out at the beach. 

I made some greeting cards. The one on the right I am using for my niece's birthday card. 
   Walking around the shops at the beach I frequent and I got to see how they mold and wrap the salt water taffy! So cool!

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