Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Black Bag

It's that time again. My Little Black Bag came in, here's what I got this time.

The Box

The bag

The cuff- (This is going to be a gift)

The Ring set- SO CUTE RIGHT?

And this was a freebie....

If you want to try out Little Black Bag, click here, sign up and give it a wirl. You can do a one time or monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime (and skip as many months as you want).

Here's the link: CLICK ME


yousoldtheworld said...

Those rings are so cute...I had them in my bag at one point and I traded them away, now I'm sad that I did!

Stacey Rapp said...

I traded an ugly bangle for them and I wasn't planning on keeping them because I'm not a fan of the stretchy rings (I've got big fingers), but I got them, they go on nicely and don't stretch at all!

They had a TON of them in the trading gallery when I closed my bad 3 days ago! Maybe you'll get lucky and get them when you open your next bag! My fingers are crossed for you!

I need to remember to put some clear nail polish over all of the little stones!

Deme Crinion said...

Oohh that cuff is awesome! And the bag! And the rings! And...!

Deme Crinion said...

Ooooh I love that cuff! And the bag! and the rings! And...!