Monday, February 27, 2012

We're in!

Welp my friends, we're in our new place. We have a long way to go to unpack and make it our home, but I thought I'd give you a little sneak of some of our place thus far. Pictures of the whole place is coming soon.

Right when you walk in you have a hall closet and the Guest Room/Brendon's office. There are 3 big windows here which makes the room seem so light and open. This room has a slide door closet (which is Brendon's closet).

From there we walk into the family room. It's really big! This is the wall the couches will sit.

This is the dinning area, for a kitchen table. I love the overhead lighting. In this space we're thinking about getting a large table that can also double as a craft/study area too.

From the dinning area, through the double doors is the hallway and my super cute desk area. I love this space and can't wait to make it my own!

Here's the kitchen. We've got a flat cooktop stove, stainless steal sink, through the double doors is where our washer and dryer are and the small door on the right is the pantry.

Bathroom: The basics, sink toilet, and in the background you can see the cabinets!

We've got a shower/jetted tub

Master Bedroom. We've got a sliding door that leads out to the back patio.

Master Bedroom: Walk in Closet (this is my closet).

MasterBedroom: This is the back wall where our bed is going.... (We just put our California King frame and box spring in there and there is still SO MUCH room in there).

Slow Progress, the couches are in. We also have a matching chair and foot rest on the other wall.

I build this shoe storage from Ikea. No dirt on the carpet in this house.

Yesterday, the Hubs and I went to Ikea and picked this bookcase up. We decided to use it as a TV stand. You can also see the chair with our bedspread and other blankets on it. I need to get some tubs to fill some of those empty shelves.

Loading more things into the car to take to the new place. Apparently Sammy is ready to go too!

Making progress in my closet.

Ikea trip to get our TV stand and a desk for the hubbie.

Loading up our carts.

Brought the dogs over... they sniffed the entire place for quite sometime before they settled in.

Dogs settling in for the night. Pudge (the yellow lab) was having a blast. As long as he has his toys, he's fine. Sammy was a bit uneasy but eventually laid down and fell asleep.

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