Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 2011

2011 hasn't started out to be all that great. On new year's day, a friend, and co-worker of mine passed away. John taught 2nd grade with me. He hadn't been teaching this year because he had hurt his foot and his recovery took a good 6 months. When he was strong enough to walk for more than an hour at a time, he'd come to school and visit his students and had every intention of coming back the week before Christmas vacation. And he did. The Monday before Christmas break he was back! Everyone, teachers and students were so excited and happy to have him back. John said despite not being use to walking and standing so much he was so happy to be back. Well John only lasted 2 days that week at school and he got really sick and missed the last 3 days. We wished him well knowing we'd see him in January when school started up again.

This was not the case.

On New Years Day John had a stroke was rushed to the hospital. While there they found to brain aneurysms. They preformed surgery successfully but John did not wake up from surgery. He remained unconscious and now on life support. His family knew he was gone. I found out this info as it was happening and it didn't seem real to me. I had just seen him a few weeks ago and he greeted me with a HUGE hug and an "I've miss you". His death didn't hit me until the day after his passing. I was driving to Target and something clicked. I started crying uncontrollably.

Yesterday was his viewing and memorial, and it was just how I think John would have wanted. There was some sadness, but the church quickly filled with, smiles and laughter when everyone got a chance to go up and share stories.

John was an awesome person, teacher and friend and he will be dearly missed.

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