Monday, September 6, 2010

Monterey Greek Festival

Every Labor Day Weekend the Greek Church here has its Festival, and every year since living here I have attended. This year was no different. I went two out of the three days this year (bad Greek Girl, I know). And now I am bringing all of the fun, food and dancing to you, here, in picture form, so enjoy.

Welcome to the Greek Festival.

Any guesses as to what's in the bag? If you're Greek you know if not... think about the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.... ring any bells? Any guesses?

"and there you go". Cook baby cook!

Meal #1 of the weekend, a lamb sandwich and salad. Y.U.M.

After meal number one I walked around a bit and thought it was funny that this older gentlemen was running the Greek Beer and OUZO booth.

Meal number 2 of the weekend: The Sampler plate including: pastichio, domades, (moussaka, but the oven wasn't working so they gave me double pastichio)Cabbage rolls and a roll. You'll be happy to know I didn't eat the roll.

Walked around a bit more. Checked out the craft booths a bit, looked up at the flags.

Day 2, another pig for the spit.

Next meal (oops forgot to photograph before digging in) was Souvlaki and salad. (The hubbs ate the bread).

Watched some Greek dancing.

OOPS again, this was a Gyro.

Bought some Greek Chocolate, Greek Gum and OUZO flavored candy.

Making Loukoumades (Greek Donut holes). First you make the dough.

Then you fry them up.

Then you stick them in a LARGE bowl and mix them with Greek Goodness.

And there you have it! Loukoumades anyone?

Before leaving I had to pick up some Greek cookies to share with some of my co-workers. Y.U.M.

Thank you Greek Festival for allowing this Greek Girl to have a little OPA in her weekend!


Urasensei said...

Awesome! You look sooo adorable and I loved looking at all your wonderful pics of delectable Greek yummies! Margie

Staceybug said...

Thanks Margie!