Friday, March 12, 2010

Staff Shirts

So, I got a flier in the mail for these super cute shirts about teaching/education with a Where the Wild Things are theme to it! They are SUPER CUTE and if we got enough of my staff to order we'd get the shirts for $9 a piece, free shipping, AND free personalization on the back.

I thought it would be great so I created a letter and gave it to the staff to see if they wanted to get one, and we got about 20 people to sign up. So we ended up getting the discounted price and the free shipping and personalization. YAY

Here's the image on the front of the shirt.

The teachers got this one and the office staff got the Wild about Education shirt. It was so great. For the personalization, I had them write the name of our school and the slogan "Simply the best!".

I can't wait for them to come in.


amanda said...

Cute shirts, I love it!

Staceybug said...

Aren't they fun? They won't come in until sometime after April 19th. I hate waiting.HA.